Cost effective multi-wavelength light sources are key enablers for wide-scale penetration of gas sensors at Mid-IR wavelength range. In the H2020-MIREGAS project, we targeted in demonstrating an innovative light source that would cover 2.7…3.5 µm wavelength range with a resolution <1nm. The spectral bands would be switchable and tunable. The source would allow for the fabrication of an affordable multi-band gas sensor with good selectivity and sensitivity. The unit price should be lowered in high-volumes by utilizing tailored molded IR lens technology and automated packaging and assembling technologies.

In safety and security applications, the Mid-IR wavelength range covered by the source would allow for the detection of several harmful gas components with a single sensor. The project was targeting to fill a gap: affordable sources are not available at Mid-IR wavelengths. The market impact was expected to be disruptive, since the devices currently in the market are either complicated, expensive and heavy instruments, or the applied measurement principles are inadequate in terms of stability and selectivity. At the foreseen price level, the proposed approach would be extremely competitive against conventional gas sensors.

The consortium was composed of VTT, TUT and ITME as research partners and Vaisala, Airoptic, GasSecure and VIGO as industrial partners representing the complete value chain from devices and components to gas sensor manufacturers. The position of these organizations in their respective markets guarantees that the project results will be widely exploited providing the companies with a technological advantage over their worldwide competitors thus creating new high-tech jobs and technology leadership in Europe.

MIREGAS - Programmable multi-wavelength Mid-IR source for gas sensing

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